Weekday: Adult £ 15.99    Child £ 9.99

Weekend: Adult £ 17.99    Child £9.99

Eat As Much As You Like

(Mon. to Thur.)

(Fri. to Sun. incl Bank Holiday)

Notice: Child under 8 years old and weekend price includes all bank holidays. Please order only what you can eat. Waste food will be charged at A La Carte Menu Price. Others please refer to this buffet terms and conditions.

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Crispy Seaweed, Sesame Seed Prawn on Toast, Barbecued Spare Ribs, Spicy Chicken wing Vegetarian Spring Roll and Satay Chicken.

Crispy Pancake Roll
Vegetable Spring Roll
Crispy Seaweed
Veg Crispy Seaweed
Sesame Prawn on Toast
Hot & Spicy Chicken Wing
Hot & Spicy Chicken
Satay Chicken on skewer
Smoked Chicken
Deep Fried Wonton with sweet & sour sauce
Veg Deep Fried Wonton with sweet & sour sauce
Barbecued spare ribs
Deep Fried King Prawn with Hot & Spicy
Deep Fried Squid with Hot & Spicy
Sweet & Sour Chicken Ball
Prawn crackers


Crab meat Sweet corn Soup
Chicken Sweet corn Soup
Sweet corn Soup
Hot & Sour Soup
Veg Hot & Sour Soup
Chicken Mushroom Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Mushrooms Soup
Noodles Soup


Crispy Aromatic Duck
Crispy Aromatic Lamb


SELECT MEAT AND COMBINATION: Chicken, Beef, roasted Pork , Squid or King Prawn

Sweet & sour sauce
Ginger & spring onion
Cashew nuts
Kung Po sauce
Black bean sauce
Szechuan sauce
Curry sauce
Satay sauce
Oyster sauce
Bamboo shoots & water chestnut
Chinese mushroom & bamboo shoots
Bean sprouts
Mix vegetable
Sea spicy
Chicken in lemon / orange sauce

Lamb with garlic in Szechuan soya sauce
Lamb with mushrooms & onions in curry sauce

Roasted Duck
Roasted Duck with mushrooms
Roasted Duck with mixed vegetables
Roasted Duck with garlic & black bean sauce
Roasted Duck with bean sprouts

Vegetables and Side dish

Stir fried Bean Sprouts
Stir fried Mushrooms
Stir fried Mixed Vegetables
Sweet & Sour Mixed Vegetables
Curry Mixed Vegetables
Tofu in hot & spicy salt
Tofu in Black Bean sauce
Sea spicy Tofu
Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts
Chinese Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots
Sea spicy Mixed Vegetables


Egg fried rice
Boiled rice
Chicken fried rice
Roasted Pork fried rice
Beef fried rice
Yung chow fried rice
Singapore fired rice
Pineapple fried rice
Mushrooms fried rice
Mixed vegetables fried rice
Onion fried rice


Chicken chow mein
Beef chow mein
Roasted pork chow mein
Yung chow chow mein
Singapore chow mein
Singapore rice noodles
Mushrooms chow mein
Soft noodles with bean sprouts & onion
Mixed vegetables chow mein

Terms & Condition:

Dear customers,

  • Please ensure that you only order as much as can eat. You are respectfully advised to finish all food before re-ordering. (This is preventing the unnecessary food wasting.) The management reserves the right to charge for all food ordered and not eaten at the A La Carte Menu prices.
  • Strictly NO take-away
  • In choosing the buffet menu all members of your part will be charged accordingly. Member of the same party wishing to order off the buffet menu are respectfully advises to sit on another table (if available) and food from customers having the buffet may not be passed over to those having restaurant menu.
  • If you proceed with this buffet menu, it means that you have accepted all the terms & conditions that apply.
  • All dishes are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.